This is for those of you who love to travel in style. It is for those who love to capture the most amazing pictures with outfits that compliment your jaw-dropping surroundings. Travel during the spring and summer offers the advantage of great weather but requires a wardrobe that is not only fashionable but keeps you cool. Read on to see my travel style guide that is guaranteed to have you looking fabulous and staying cool during your warm-weather getaways.

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1. Off-the-Shoulder:

Pieces with the off-the-shoulder style offer a classy way to show some extra skin while staying fairly covered up. This trend is very easy to find at different price points and looks flattering on everyone. From ruffles to lace, there is likely a style that is appealing to everyone. If you have fair skin or are prone to sunburn, I would recommend pairing it with a wide brim hat and using sunscreen to protect your shoulders from the scorching rays. Check out these cute off the shoulder tops:


2. Crop Tops

When the crop top trend made its initial appearance a few years ago, I did not expect it to persist this long but I must say, I have enjoyed incorporating it into my summer wardrobe. Crop tops are not limited to any certain body type and can be worn in a variety of ways that are flattering including paired with high-waist jeans or long flowing maxi skirt. My personal favorite for travel is to pair it with some comfortable wide-leg pants. Additionally, crop tops have evolved into a much more chic style with some high-end designers offering pretty cool options. Check out some styles below:


3. Jumpsuits

I love the versatility of jumpsuits. They offer the choice to go from day-to-night with a change of accessories or trading a pair of high heels for flats or sneakers. This season, I have seen jumpsuits offered in a variety of lengths depending on how much leg you want to show.


4. Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must when traveling during the summer and trying to do outdoor activities. I love how the addition of a cute pair of sunnies can enhance a whole outfit. Once you find a shape that you like and compliments your face, stick with it. I personally love cat-eye and aviator. Recently, I have been struck by photos of individuals with mirrored sunglasses because they really pop. No matter what style you prefer, you will definitely find a few pair with mirrored lenses. Check out some styles below:


5. Long Flowing Cover-up:

Historically, I have thought of cover-ups as the thing I wear while traveling to the beach or pool which will promptly be removed once I reach my destination. That is totally the wrong thinking and I have been missing out on having a serious fashion moment. We all love a gorgeous and flattering swimsuit, but there exists a potential way to elevate your look with a stunning cover-up. Cover-ups are not only a great way to enhance beach or poolside style, but it can be a way to cover any pesky areas that you don’t want to have exposed and can serve as an appropriate outfit when you want to go into a restaurant or store.

I am so excited to try out some of these styles during my upcoming trip. Experimenting with some of these trends is a sure-fire way to have great travel photos in which you look chic and fabulous.

What is your spring/summer travel style go-to?