Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had a three-day weekend. Medical residents “affectionately” call a full two-day weekend free of clinical responsibilities a golden weekend. So I guess a three-day weekend should be called a platinum weekend, or diamond weekend perhaps. As you can imagine, three-day weekends are few and far between during residency and they are worth their weight in gold (or should I say platinum?)

Three-Day Weekend Conundrum

Knowledge of my upcoming extended weekend brought not only excitement but also anxiety. As a blogger that blogs a lot about travel, I felt obligated to use this time to travel. Unfortunately, I did not have the luxury of being able to plan far enough ahead of time to snag a cheap flight deal (read how I find flight deals here). Of course, I always have the option of a road trip or train ride. Baltimore is located in close proximity to major east coast cities including Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.

I elected to take a quick trip to Washington, DC. Normally, I only stay for a day and travel back to Baltimore after I finish whatever activity I had planned to attend but this time I wanted to make this a weekend getaway complete with a nice hotel stay. The only problem was, that I decided to do this less than a week from my prospective stay.

Last Minute Hotel Deals in Washington DC?!?

During my cursory search for hotel accommodations, I was discouraged by the prices. Not surprisingly, last minute hotel rates in a major city were rarely less than $200/night for a decent hotel. Just when I started to rethink my bright idea for a weekend getaway, I remember the mobile app, Hotel Tonight. As you know, I am a huge fan of using apps to aid in travel planning and finding deals.

Hotel Tonight offers last minute hotel deals as far as a week out from your stay. Hotels tell them about unbooked rooms that they would love to fill and Hotel Tonight connects its customers to these rooms at a discounted price. Conveniently, Hotel Tonight has a variety of hotels ranging from “solid” hotels that offer the bare minimum accommodations¬†but decent rooms to the “luxe” rooms complete with luxury amenities. ¬†Additionally, they offer reviews from other Hotel Tonight users and their personal photographs of their rooms. I found this very helpful in determining which room I wanted to stay in. Most importantly, most of the rooms, even the “luxe” rooms were under $200.

My Hotel Experience!

I decided to stay the night at the Kimpton: Mason & Rook Hotel. I had previous experience with the Kimpton brand and love their aesthetic.

The Kimpton: Mason & Rook, located on a quiet, tree-lined street steps from Logan Circle, exudes hip DC charm. The driveway is fairly compact and can easily be missed but once I found my way to the entrance, a valet was promptly there to offer me an umbrella as I walked into the lobby. The lobby was packed full of patrons milling about. To the left, people sat sipping wine surrounded by a towering bookcase and plush couches. To the right, another sitting area was occupied with young adults waiting to go out for a night on the town.

The front desk staff offered to help as soon as I walked in. I was given my key and directions to access the complimentary Wifi. As I wandered through the lobby toward the elevator, the low rumble of people chatting and laughing grew louder as I passed the doorway of the on-site restaurant, The Radiator. I made my way to the elevator and up to the second floor where my room was located. I didn’t know what to expect except that I would be assigned a room through the hotel that would accommodate two.

As I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the room. The large entrance opened up to an expansive room complete with king size bed, desk, side chair, and walk in closet.

Last minute hotel deal at Kimpton: Mason & Rook

Last minute hotel deal at Kimpton: Mason & Rook

Last Minute Hotel Deal at Kimpton: Mason & Rook

The bathroom, immediately off of the foyer, was so inviting with marble countertops and massive walk-in shower.

Last Minute Hotel Deal at Kimpton: Mason & Rook

Last Minute Hotel Deals at Kimpton: Mason & Rook

Last Minute Hotel Deal at Kimpton: Mason & Rook

My expectations were greatly exceeded considering I booked this room last minute and only paid $150/night which is a great deal for Washington DC.

I will definitely use Hotel Tonight in the future given this awesome initial experience. If you are planning a last minute getaway (domestic or international), I highly recommend using this convenient app to book last minute hotel deals. Feel free to use my promo code (ANBARNETT11) to get $25 off your first booking through the Hotel Tonight app.

This is not a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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