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About Me

Get to know me!

I am a 30-year-old with a passion for helping others and living life to the fullest. I currently reside in Baltimore, MD where I work as a resident physician in both pediatrics and anesthesia at Johns Hopkins. I find a lot of fulfillment in my day job but it can be both demanding of my time and emotions. I created this blog as a means to engage others with similar interests and serve as a creative outlet.

I hope to inspire those who may feel that their life is centered around their careers or responsibilities to start living a life that allows them to feel fulfilled. I believe you can have it all, a successful career and a gratifying personal life.  It all comes down to balance and using your time effectively in both arenas.

I must admit that I have not mastered this work-life balance but I have taken the first step in recognizing its importance. I welcome you to join me journeying toward a perfect balance (if one exists) and I hope you are inspired to achieve the same.

Feel free to contact me regarding collaborations or general questions. I love to interact with my readers so feel free to comment on blog posts and share on social media.