My trip to Santorini, Greece was a dream come true. The island did not disappoint in its glorious landscape and architecture. Not only was the island beautiful but the people were extremely nice and welcoming.

Check out the picture gallery below followed by the details of my trip.



Location, Location, Location

We stayed in an amazing AirBnB rental on Kamari Beach. The apartment was right near the water and had an amazing view of both mountains and waterfront. The host and his family were extremely kind and accommodating. In fact, our host not only transported us to and from the airport, but he also took us to Thira (the capital city) when we first arrived and Oia (most photographed city in Santorini) on another day of our visit. The apartment itself was very updated and had a full kitchen so we were able to prepare meals when we did not want to eat out.

Kamari Beach is known for its black sand and is located on the southeast coast of the island. It has many beachfront restaurants and shops that offer all you need to have a relaxing beachfront vacation.

Getting Around…

Santorini has a pretty simple bus system that is centralized in Thira, the capital city. You can travel one way from the major tourist areas like Kamari Beach, Pyrgos, and Oia to Thira for €2. We were easily able to travel to Thira and Oia using the bus system and saved money by not needing to rent a car.

Fair warning, Santorini has very winding roads on steep cliffs with no guard rails. Be prepared for some harrowing rides when traveling around the island, no matter what you choose as your mode of transportation. The trip to Oia is especially difficult but well worth it, given the amazing views.

Local Fare

The food in Santorini was absolutely delicious and fresh. Additionally, most of the food is pretty healthy so you don’t have the guilt of eating terribly during vacation or the bloating that wrecks your beach body you worked so hard to create prior to your trip. Most restaurants serve traditional Greek foods along with fresh seafood and salads. One of my favorite restaurants was Classico in Thira. For our appetizer, we had feta cheese wrapped in filo and topped with honey and sesame seeds. It was absolutely delicious!

For the main course, I had salmon with a fresh quinoa salad. I then found a gelato stand and had some delicious gelato for dessert. I have to admit, I had gelato every single day during my trip. lol

My favorite part…

When you see pictures that feature Santorini, you are likely looking at images of Oia. This city has many of the famed blue-domed churches and is absolutely breathtaking. You can’t come to Santorini and not visit Oia. I am not exaggerating when I say that every spot in this picturesque town is postcard worthy and the beauty is almost overwhelming. There are many winding sidewalks flanked by shops branching off to more and more shops. We happily wandered aimlessly through the maze of sidewalks finding more and more picture worthy images with each turn.

I believe Santorini, Greece should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. It is tremendously beautiful with great food and people to enjoy.

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