More and more millennials are traveling to awe-inspiring, picturesque destinations around the world. Along with the wanderlust bug has come the trend to post the most extravagant travel pictures on social media. Gone are the days of just posing in front of a historic landmark and garnering tons of likes and vacation envy. Capturing epic travel experiences has become an art. You have to find the best views and backdrops to earn social media admiration. I have compiled a list of places in and around Cape Town, South Africa that are sure-fire hits for social media and travel inspiration. So if you like to “do it for the ‘gram,” check out these hot-spots for like- worthy captures.

1. Table Moutain

You can reach the top of table mountain by either hiking up the mountain or take the cable car which costs about $20 round trip. Once you reach the top, there is a multitude of photo opportunities. From one direction, you can trace the coastline down to Cape Point.

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From another vantage point, you can see the cityscape that is nestled beneath Table Mountain.

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Fair warning, it can get very chilly on Table Mountain during the winter so bring a jacket. Also, you can get a great view of the sunset if you go up to the top in the late afternoon and wait to take the last cable car down for the day.

2. Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is a natural oasis full of amazing greenery and mountain views. Cape Town’s appeal lies in the fact that not only offers urban landscapes but breathtaking natural beauty.
This garden also features a canopy walkway to get a view above the trees and offers an amazingly beautiful natural backdrop for pictures.

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3. Boulder Beach

One word: Penguins. You can cozy up to some adorable African Penguins and get a great shot or video of these photogenic creatures. Additionally, Boulder Beach itself is stunning. It has clear waters with huge boulders jutting out from the ground making it a model’s paradise.

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You can stop by Boulder Beach on the way to Cape Point, which is next on the list.

4. Cape Point

Cape Point is the southwestern most point of Africa and offers the most breathtaking views of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. The pictures speak for themselves.

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5. V&A Waterfront Steps

The V&A Waterfront attracts many tourists who want to shop at the upscale shopping mall or explore the waterfront area. Adjacent to the V&A waterfront mall is a colorful, mosaic stairwell that creates an interesting backdrop.

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6. Yellow Table Mountain Frames

You can find the big yellow frames all over Cape Town that are positioned to perfectly place you in front of the majestic Table Mountain. Take advantage of this pre-set backdrop to get a picture in front of Cape Town’s natural skyline.

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7. South Africa Flag on Long Street:

Long Street is bubbling with people looking to hang out in the trendy bars and shop. I really enjoyed experiencing Long Street’s bustling nightlife but I had to make a trip to see it in the daytime and capture this iconic picture in front of the South African flag.

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8. Bo-Kaap

Bo-Kaap is the epitome of a picturesque landscape. It is a historic neighborhood filled with candy-colored houses which serve as an amazing backdrop. Read more about this eclectic neighborhood here!

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9. Lion’s Head Peak

A hike to the summit of Lion’s Head offers amazing views of the city. Many recommend hiking at sunrise to get the ultimate sunrise view. I, unfortunately, was not able to squeeze in a hike of Lion’s Head during my stay but I did capture a picture with Lion’s Head in the background.

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10. Stellenbosch

I bet you didn’t know that South Africa is also known for its wine and most of it is produced in Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch is located about an hour west of Cape Town and is filled with grandiose wine estates surrounded by fields of grape vines with mountains in the distant background. This landscape is just screaming, “take my picture.” Have a mini photoshoot in the vineyards to elicit all the Instagram admiration. Also, you can read more about my day trip to Stellenbosch here!

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Want to know more details about my trip to Cape Town? See my 7-day itinerary here!

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